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Talent Debt: What it is and 3 Tips to Manage it

You’ve likely heard it said that April showers bring May flowers, and it really is a lovely sentiment. When you find yourself in unpleasant times—it suggests—just sit back, patiently weather the storm, and have faith that something beautiful will blossom on the other side. When it comes to managing talent, however, this philosophy will get… […] Read More

Executive Coaching as a Retention Strategy

Your real leaders—the “A” players on your team—want to grow and advance in their careers. We have found, and research has confirmed, that executive coaching will bring both a short-term and a long-term return in your organization. Investing in your leaders’ development and performance offers value to the individual and to the company. […] Read More

Keys to Successful Executive Level Talent Acquisition – Step 3: Going to Market

This article continues “Keys to Successful Executive Level Talent Acquisition” and focuses on the process of attracting the very best professional candidates for a role. As discussed in Steps I & II, companies frequently are motivated to find passive candidates because they have an increased likelihood of being high-performers. However, typical avenues such as job… […] Read More

“Robinson Resource Group is passionate about driving a search process that ensures success, and does so in a manner that instills confidence that the outcome will be well aligned with expectations. RRG works diligently to understand the nuances of the position that they are filling and their clients culture. They are tireless when it comes to execution. These attributes are critical to creating exceptional organizations.”

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