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Executive Coaching as a Retention Strategy

Your real leaders—the “A” players on your team—want to grow and advance in their careers. We have found, and research has confirmed, that executive coaching will bring both a short-term and a long-term return in your organization. Investing in your leaders’ development and performance offers value to the individual and to the company. Read More […] Read More

Keys to Successful Executive Level Talent Acquisition – Step 3: Going to Market

This article continues “Keys to Successful Executive Level Talent Acquisition” and focuses on the process of attracting the very best professional candidates for a role. As discussed in Steps I & II, companies frequently are motivated to find passive candidates because they have an increased likelihood of being high-performers. However, typical avenues such as job […] Read More

Applying Portfolio Analysis to Talent Investment Decisions

The development and implementation of value-producing talent strategies should amount to more than the simplistic aggregation of individual talent management initiatives across the enterprise – either at the corporate or operating unit level, or both. The “best” talent management investments entail examining the potential, or actual, value producing payoff (e.g., ROI, NPV) associated with options confronting business priorities – current and emergent […] Read More

P&L – When Was the Last Time You Really Checked It

When was the last time you looked at the most important P&L in your business: your People and Leaders?  Are we so focused on numbers that we lose focus on our People?  After all, the biggest expense item in a budget is usually employee salaries and bonuses paid to your leaders.   […] Read More

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