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The Journey of Authenticity: 5 Myths about being an Authentic Leader

Disillusioned. Cautious. Skeptical. Discouraged. These are all words you’ve likely heard used to describe American voters in recent weeks, but you may be surprised to learn they often hold true for those craving more authentic leadership in the workplace as well. A recent study released by Ernst & Young found that less than half of… […] Read More

Silicon Valley Leadership Tactics: Midwest CEOs take Note

Zero to 60 in 2.8 seconds. That’s the speed of one of the Tesla models I had the opportunity to drive during a recent visit to their factory in Silicon Valley. Appropriately named “Ludicrous”, the car was impressive to say the least. However, it certainly wasn’t the only thing I found operating at lightning speed… […] Read More

How Employee Freedom Can Drive your Bottom Line

On Independence Day, freedom has always been cause for celebration, but in the workplace, business leaders now have good reason to embrace the concept all year round. While employees have traditionally been the ones vying for greater autonomy in the workplace (freedom to work remotely, select their own projects, or flex hours, as examples), mounting… […] Read More

Microleadership: 3 Tips to Build Stronger Employee Relationships

In today’s corporate hallways, there seems to be endless discussion around the alarming downtrends in employee loyalty. But the ironic truth is that in many cases, the same managers grasping to keep their employees committed may unknowingly be the very catalysts driving them out. According to a recent Gallup survey, approximately half of all employees… […] Read More

Talent Debt: What it is and 3 Tips to Manage it

You’ve likely heard it said that April showers bring May flowers, and it really is a lovely sentiment. When you find yourself in unpleasant times—it suggests—just sit back, patiently weather the storm, and have faith that something beautiful will blossom on the other side. When it comes to managing talent, however, this philosophy will get… […] Read More

Corporate Engagement: 3 Tips to Better Recruit & Retain Talent

Contrary to the fairy-tale endings of most February feature movies, the truth is people today are more hesitant to commit than ever. Not only do recent lifestyle trends show increases in the number of people marrying later, postponing parenthood, and renting versus buying their homes, but even long-term contracts with health clubs and mobile carriers… […] Read More

5 Reasons Self-Awareness is Critical to Your Success

One in 292.2 million. Those are the recent Powerball odds that had an entire nation not only captivated by the potential of landing a record $1.4 billion jackpot, but also shelling out an estimated $2.6 billion for tickets since November in hopes of fast tracking the way to financial success. When it comes to achieving… […] Read More

Executive Coaching as a Retention Strategy

Your real leaders—the “A” players on your team—want to grow and advance in their careers. We have found, and research has confirmed, that executive coaching will bring both a short-term and a long-term return in your organization. Investing in your leaders’ development and performance offers value to the individual and to the company. […] Read More

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